6 Weeks Post Surgery

It’s been 6 weeks since my shoulder surgery. It went by fast, but I’m looking forward to not using the sling. It’s amazing how the human ming & body adapts to to outside inputs, and it feels weird not wearing it.

The doctor today tested my range of motion, and there was very minimal pain and more flexibility than they would of expected with no PT. Monday, real PT starts – active stretching and in 2 weeks strength training.

During this time period I have tried to stay as active as possible. Spin class twice a week, and hiking over the weekends, and lots of walks with Charlie. Around 100,000 steps per week. I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike in another 4-6 weeks so I can get back to a much higher activity level.

Plateau Point – The Grand Canyon

I plan to buckle down and try to get stronger by August for a rafting trip down the Colorado River. Hatch will be guiding us, should be a great trip.