Biosphere 2
My mom and Tom came out for the weekend. The first stop was at my sister’s house in Tucson. We drove down to Tucson and took a tour of the Biosphere. The Biosphere was take over by the University of Arizona, and they are starting to do experiments again. The tour has been expanded to see more areas of the Biosphere, including the rain forest section and the living quarters.
The tour guide was much more open about the problems that they have had with getting people to believe that this is a useful structure. The feature I enjoyed about this tour was the South Lung. When we were there before, they had left the door open to the lung, and the diaphragm and weight where all the way down, so it was hard to believe that the air pressure was able to hold up a 16 ton plate of aluminum. This time the door was sealed and the weight and the diaphragm was several feet of the ground. Then the guide opened the door and you could watch the plate start to lower as the pressure outside and inside equalized.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008