Happy New Year!
Well, It has been a busy 2 months since I last wrote some word here at Blogville. So let me try to recap the Richardson’s last few Months.
  1. My mom, Tom, Sarah, Nathan and Anna-Lisa came out for Thanksgiving.
  2. Jakob graduated from DARE.
  3. I moved offices, including a frantic night of moving the data-center to the new building.
  4. Put a new bamboo floor in the front room.
  5. Emily had a choir performance
  6. Emily also had a piano recital
  7. Completing a “re-skin” of Head 2 Head’s web site. This was a huge effort for Rhino.
  8. Brought in a new Carrier for the data-center.
  9. Launch a “private-label” game for the PGA using Head 2 Head’s web site.
  10. Watched Sarah’s dogs over Christmas.
  11. Spent New Year’s Eve with the Eckles.
  12. Got to spend time with Stefanie’s Aunt Nora
  13. Spend the last 2 months writing Perl and XSLT code every day.
  14. Read Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”.
Only a few thing got done over the last few months. With life slowing down a little, I should start to blog more. I have started listening to Dan Carlin’s blogs about politics and history. He take a different tack, and it is interesting to listen to his view.
I have also become addicted to Brain Age. A game the kids got for their Game Boy DS’s for Christmas. It is a fun set of exercises that are aimed at keeping your brain young. So far I have the youngest “brain age” in the house! So much for being 40.
New Year?
Sunday, January 13, 2008