Indiana Jones
Yesterday Joshua and I went to the airport to look at planes. We saw this old, weathered plane. I commented to Joshua that we saw a plane just like this one last year, there are not too many Russian built AN-2’s flying around, but the one last year had a nice paint job and they must be fixing this one up.
The owner of the plane came over and explained that the plane was the same one as last year. I then commented that  the plane should was beat-up over the last year. He then went on to explain that this place was flown in the newest Indian Jones movie, and that they had painted it to look old. I then asked when they were going to re-paint the plane? The plane was painted with wax, and with a good was the plane would look like it did last year.
Today I found the picture I took last year, and grabbed Jakob and Joshua and we went off to the airport to take another picture. Today the pilot said that they might just clean on side of the plane, so from one side it would look old and on the other new. Below is the picture from last year.
Update: The plane can be seen in the trailer. It is the first plane that is shown from overhead.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008